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Old Duck Old Duck
The "Old Duck"

Old Duck Old Duck Old Duck
The "Old Duck" (rear)

Ray Thornton and the COLD DUCK
If you've been a fan of swamp buggy racing for any period of time, you probably recognize this man. Ray Thornton...owner and driver of the # 7, "Cold Duck".

Eddie Chesser and the OUTLAW Eddie Chesser Eddie Chesser and the Swamp Buggy Queen 
Eddie Chesser and the "OUTLAW", his win and the Swamp Buggy Queen

Bobby Weeks and Last Call
Bobby Weeks and "Last Call" (V8)

Glenn Weber and Porky's Revenge
Glenn Weber & "Porky's Revenge" (Pro-Modified)

Dave Bullock and Lane's Choice
Even with a broken wheel, Dave Bullock was able to bring "Lane's Choice" (V8) back to the pits on 3 wheels.


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